Market Development

Market Development

Launching a new product or service into the market can be rewarding, but also comes with risk. Imperative Insights can advise management, coach your ateam, and/or manage the whole project.

Using 25+ years of global product marketing experience Imperative Insights can help you be successful and help reduce the uncertainties and risks:

  • New Portfolio / Products into a New Market
  • Existing Portfolio / Products into a New Market
  • New Portfolio / Products into an Existing Market
  • Extending the Portfolio / Products lifecycle extensions / Value add
  • Repositioning / Rebranding Strategy Market and Customer Segmentation.
  • Launch Planning
  • Sales Training

Imperative Insights can help your team apply the key assignments needed to be successful:

  • Discover and Formulate the Key Value Proposition*
  • Market Assessments
  • Benefit Quantification ($)
  • Pricing Strategy and Guidelines
  • Create Customer Journeys and Decisions Maps
  • Customer Needs Maps
  • Marketing and Sales Plans

* The Key Value Proposition is more than just a statement; it also includes descriptions of the customer’s Gain Creators and Pain Relievers that will flow from using the new product or service.

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